Reviews & Ratings for Baby Products

Some parents have the misconception that all baby products are created equal and there is no real difference between one brand or another. This couldn’t be further from the truth! We strive to give you a curated list of high quality, trusted items for your little ones.

The team behind our reviews includes experts with deep experience in babies starting with myself and my 15+ years as an experienced Pediatrician then raising two babies of my own–and this doesn’t even include our Review Team which consists of Moms/Dads who’ve had over 100 combined years practicing practical parenting side-by-side while also testing thousands upon thousands of baby products in order to provide their findings on what’s right for you, your child(ren), budget

We want you to have all the information about your baby that’s out there, and we’ve done our damnedest to provide it. We’re always updating bluebabybum with new research so you can make more informed decisions as a parent because for many of us, babies are firstborns or second children — making these products such an exciting purchase!

Best Baby Products